Haus Winkler Jerabek

bildKaori Juzu (JP)

Jewellery is forced beyond its familiar boundaries with a sophisticated mix of techniques and an experimental continuation the demanding discipline of enamelwork. Juzu’s brooches have surfaces that make the jewellery look as if they were made by nature itself – like treasures unearthed in the desert or retrieved from the bottom of the sea. The jewellery is exquisite in composition and surface. Like mystical, secretive treasures they tempt you to examine them more closely with your eyes and fingertips. Is the shiny surface smooth and cool, is the rough surface prickly like sand, where does the gold begin, and where does the enamel melt over the copper? The perfectionist grasp of the jewellery techniques and the artistic quality stand up to this closer inspection, and even the backs of the pieces are beautifully finished and perfect. The jewellery designer pushes classic enamelwork beyond its known boundaries and achieves a new and seductive expression in beautiful harmony with the shape of the jewellery. These brooches take jewellery back to its roots as well as into the future.

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