Haus Winkler Jerabek

bildAnna Talbot (NO)

My jewellery is inspired by fairy tales, nursery rhymes, songs and stories. Wolves, deer, trees, forests and Little Red Riding Hood are all central elements in my universe, and they don’t necessarily stick to their traditional places. I want to tell a story through characters, colours and materials, and I want people to keep inventing new tales inspired by my jewellery. I make big, three dimensional jewellery in anodised aluminium, wood veneer, brass, gilding metal and silver. I use strong colours and different surfaces to illustrate and create atmospheres. I work in layers to build up a three dimensional piece Some of my pieces are quite large, but the materials I use still mean that they are light enough to be worn. The size makes you aware of wearing the pieces at all times, they demand both space and attention. My jewellery can be hung on a wall or worn on a body. The piece becomes a picture you can carry with you. Anna Talbot

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